A Box of Comfort for Survivors of Sexual Violence

Across the country, countless individuals experience sexual violence resulting in hospitalization.  And after so many hours of being subjected to an intrusive sexual assault examination, victims are often discharged from the hospital wearing uniform scrubs or hospital gowns due to their clothing being collected for evidence. 


Although a much needed step in the investigative process, this treatment is very cold and inhumane to a person who's just experienced sexual violence.  

The mission of Haven Box is to provide that human element of comfort that is so often missed or overlooked after a victim has gone through this process.  Haven Boxes provide comfort items to survivors during the first few days/weeks after their experience.

This project is divinely designed and servant executed.

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Helping Hands

Who Are We?

We are Community.

We are parents, sons, daughters, siblings, friends, colleagues and survivors that have been impacted by the act of sexual violence - directly and indirectly.

We recognize the pervasiveness of this violence and feel compelled to do something that shows we care.

We pour compassion into each box and genuinely hope it is felt on the receiving end.